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Internships are great opportunities for you to explore career interests, gain critical skills specific to professional disciplines, and increase your marketability to employers. Designed to be an integral part of students' academic programs, the Internship Program at SPU allows students to earn credit (typically 1-5 credits per quarter) for learning gained in a work setting. Internships generally range from 10-20 hours of work per week for 1-5 credits; typically 3-4 hours of work per week per credit.

Each school sets specific prerequisites for participation in internships. For more information regarding your major requirements, contact your academic department or faculty advisor.

For a sample list of internships sites visit the links below. The sites listed in each major are examples of places SPU students have done internships in the past, they are not a list of current openings. Use these to guide you in your search and help you think about what is possible!

Art/Visual Communications Internship Sites
Biology/Chemistry Internship Sites
Business Internship Sites
Communication/Journalism Internship Sites
English Internship Sites
Health and Human Performance Internship Sites
Family and Consumer Science Internship Sites
Foreign Language Internship Sites
Global Development Internship Sites
History Internship Sites
Music Internship Sites
Political Science & Geography Internship Sites
Psychology Internship Sites
Sociology/Anthropology/Women's Studies Internship Sites
Theatre Internship Sites
Theology Internship Sites


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