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Information About Participating Courses

Seattle Pacific University's Common Curriculum is a series of eight courses taken by students throughout their years at the University. This four-year core curriculum helps students see connections between the liberal arts and their daily lives.

The Student Academic Mentor program focuses its work on the four courses taken by all freshmen and some transfer students. By working with these particular courses the program hopes to impact the learning and academic success of students early in their time at the University. And, by positively impacting student learning and academic success, we also hope to increase student retention.

Faculty who teach the following courses have the opportunity to select academic mentors to work with their classes. The Course Time Schedule for this academic year shows when sections of each of these courses are offered.

All freshman take one of these two courses during fall quarter

USEM 1000 University Seminar (5 credits) This seminar introduces first-year college students to the liberal arts at a Christian university through the investigation of a special topic. Students will write, speak, and practice critical thinking, participate in group projects, and use electronic and print learning resources. As an introduction to university life, the seminar helps students explore the meaning of Christian vocation and develop a love of learning. Seminar instructors will serve as faculty advisor to students in their seminar through the freshman year. Descriptions of particular seminars are available in the yearly class schedule.

USCH 1000 University Scholars Seminar (5 credits) Prerequisite: Admission to the University Scholars Program. This seminar introduces University Scholars to the liberal arts at a Christian University through an exploration of the motif of encounters in world history. As an introduction to the University Scholars' program, the course will encourage students to consider encounters they will experience during their educational journey. Students will write, speak, practice critical thinking, participate in group projects, and use electronic and print learning resources. Open to University Scholars only.

Courses taken by all freshmen and some transfer students

UCOR 1000 The Arts and the Christian Community (5 credits) This course considers the question "Who am I and for what have I been created?" Through examining literary and artistic works that have shaped cultures past and present, it explores how we are created to be unique persons and to be in community with others. Key themes are artistic ways of knowing individualism and conformity, and faith as a formative virtue.

UFDN 1000 Christian Formation (5 credits) This course introduces the processes and practices of Christian formation, as reflected throughout the history of the Christian Church. Christian life is formed by distinctive beliefs, practices, attitudes and virtues. Every student, regardless of religious background, will engage texts, written and non-written, ancient and modern, that foster these characteristics of the Christian life.