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Course Credit

Academic mentors can receive 1-3 graded, academic credits for their work with your class. Faculty members and academic mentors determine the number of credits using the following University guidelines:

1 credit: average of 3 hours of responsibilities per week (includes time in class).
2 credits: average of 6 hours of responsibilities per week (includes time in class).
3 credits: average of 9 hours of responsibilities per week (includes time in class).

USEM and USCH 1000 student mentors register for USEM 4930: Practicum-Mentoring Freshmen credtis via Banner.

UCOR and UFDN 1000 student mentors receive 4930-Practicum credit through the school or department of their faculty member using a Special Approval form.

Registration for Credits

USEM 1000 and USCH 1000 Academic Mentors--Instructions for Registration

Credit registration for USEM 1000 and USCH 1000 Academic Mentors can be completed on the WEB via Banner. The only thing that is unique about registering for this course is that you need to indicate whether you want to register for 1-3 credits (based on the guidelines oulined above). To complete the process, please follow these steps.

Step One: In Banner register for USEM 4930 by entering the CRN number 3229 as one of your class selections.

Step Two: Return to the "Student Menu" page. From that page select "Registration and Schedules." Then from that page select "Change Class Options."

Step Three: On the "Change Class Options" page you should see a list of all the courses for which you are registered. Scroll down to USEM 4930.

Step Four: Pull down the box for the number of credits and change this to the number of credits for which you would like to register.

Step Five: Click on the button to "Submit changes."

Step Six: Afterward it is always good to go back and check your schedule again to confirm that you are registered for the correct number of credits.

Exceeding 18 credits as a USEM/USCH academic mentor

It can be possible to add USEM 4930 credits over the 18 credit limit without incurring extra charges. Please contact the program coordinator to discuss this option.

UCOR 1000, UFDN 1000 and UFDN 3001 Academic Mentors--Instructions for Registration

Credit registration for academic mentors working with UCOR and UFDN courses cannot be completed using the WEB via Banner. Instead you will need to fill out a hard copy of a Special Approval Form and turn it in to the Registration Office (Demaray Hall 120) before the end of the fifth day of the quarter. After printing a copy of the Special Approval Form, complete the following steps.

Step One: Fill in the top section of the form with your name, ID #, and Quarter information (i.e. Spring 2007).

Step Two: Fill out the section marked "Class #1" with the following information.

  • CRN: (leave blank)
  • Subject Code: The subject code should match the department of the faculty member with whom you will be working.
    • Communication faculty - COM
    • English faculty - ENG
    • Lanuguages, Cultures & Linguistics Faculty - EUR
    • History faculty - HIS
    • Music faculty - MUS
    • Political Science faculty - POL (Political Science courses are POL 4931)
    • Theology faculty - THEO (this applies to all UFDN courses.)
  • Subject Number: 4930 (regardless of the Subject Code - Except for Political Science where the subject code is 4931.)
  • Course Title: Practicum: UCOR Mentoring OR Practicum: UFDN Mentoring

Step Three: Determine how many credits you will register for. This should be done by consulting the guidelines on the Academic Mentor Position Description and by talking to your faculty member. Fill in this information on your form as well.

Step Four: Take the form to your Faculty member and have them fill in the following information in the section marked Class #1, Signature: The signature of your faculty member (not yours), Title: Filled in by your faculty member, and Date: Filled in by your faculty member.

Step Four: On the last section of the form you need to sign and date where it says Student Signature.

Step Five: Take the completed form to the Registration Office (Demaray Hall 120).

Step Six: If you hope to exceed 18 total credits for the quarter, please contact the program coordinator to learn about petition options.


Grading Academic Mentors

Academic mentors receive graded 4000 level academic credit for their work. At the beginning of the quarter each faculty member is responsible to meet with his or her student academic mentor to outline the learning objectives for mentors and confirm specific roles and responsibilities.

Then at the end of the quarter, each faculty member submits a grade for his or her mentor based on the student's work during the quarter and the student's ability to meet stated expectations.