Updated 5/2014



The University offers a self-funded PPO dental program for all eligible, regular full-time and regular part-time employees and their dependents. The SPU Self-funded PPO Dental Program uses the Delta Dental Plan of Washington (DDPW) formerly referred to as Washington Dental Service (WDS) network of dentists. A detailed description of the program benefits, including limitations and exclusions, is found here or by contacting the Office of Human Resources.

ID Cards and Filing Claims

DDPW, claims administrators for the SPU Self-funded PPO Dental Program, provide identification cards to all covered employees. This is a Preferred Provider (PPO) plan, with the higher level of benefits paid when a patient uses a dentist within the Delta Dental PPO network.  If the patient sees a Delta Dental Premier dentist, depending on the class of care received, they may be subject to a deductible. Out-of-network/Non-participating dentists will bill patients not only for applicable deductibles, but also for the balance in excess of charges deemed Usual Reasonable Customary by DDPW. This is called "balance billing". More info is available on their site.


Cost of Plan

The University pays the full premium for regular full-time employees' coverage (subject to change each year, based on renewal of program contracts).

For regular part-time employees (.5 FTE through .79 FTE for Staff and .5 FTE through .74 for Faculty), the University pays a prorated portion of the premium for employee coverage, based on the the employee's FTE. Employees pay the remainder of the employee premium via payroll deduction. The employee rate is noted below.

Employees who elect spouse and/or children coverage pay for the entire cost of their dependents' premiums by payroll deduction.

All dental insurance premiums deducted from employee earnings are taken on a pretax basis.

MONTHLY PREMIUM COSTS:  7/1/14 - 6/30/15

Monthly Cost


(SPU pays 100% of $52/mo for full-time employees)