General Statements - Staff Handbook


This Staff handbook applies to all staff at Seattle Pacific University. Where policies or work rules differ for different types of staff the differences are clearly noted in the text.


This handbook is provided for your use as a ready reference to acquaint you with the University's general personnel policies, work rules and benefits. While it is not a legal agreement, nor an express or implied promise of specific treatment in particular circumstances, you will find it helpful to read this handbook entirely so that you will understand the University's general policies and benefits.

"At-will" Employment

This handbook is not intended to be an express or implied contract; rather, it is a general statement of institutional policy. All staff employment at Seattle Pacific University is "at-will" and may be terminated by either the employee or the University at any time with or without cause. None of the provisions of this handbook alter, modify, or amend the "at will" nature of that employment.

Right to Amend

Circumstances will require that the general policies, procedures, and benefits described in the handbook change from time to time. Consequently, the University reserves the right to amend, supplement, or rescind any provisions of this handbook at its sole discretion with or without prior notice. Changes to policies and procedures will be communicated to you by the Office of Human Resources. This handbook supersedes all prior handbooks or policy statements regarding the procedures and policies described in this handbook. Furthermore, the handbook provisions are subject to interpretation by the University. If you have any questions concerning current policies and practices, please contact your supervisor or the Office of Human Resources.