Personnel Status Changes
The following is an outline of the University's policies and procedures for making changes to a current employee's personnel status. These changes include the following:
  • Department to department transfer
  • Internal department transfer, promotion, demotion
  • FTE increase or decrease
  • Salary payment adjustment
  • Title change
  • Directory information change

Personnel Status Change Policy and Procedure:

The PAF must be used for all faculty, staff and temporary staff personnel actions (e.g., initial appointment, revised appointment, status change, salary adjustment, promotion, demotion, reclassification, title change, one time payment, directory information change).

For mid-year changes, department heads and vice presidents will receive copies of the signed PAF, and employees will receive a "Personnel Action Confirmation" from the Office of Human Resources. (The offer letter constitutes a new employee's official appointment, and the April 1 contracts (faculty) and June 30 salary notification letters (staff) constitute the ongoing, year-to-year appointment process for faculty and staff.)

The PAF is always originated by the department head/dean and then routed according to signature authority policy.

Once approval signatures for the personnel action have been obtained, the PAF is sent immediately to Human Resources where pay and budget details (if applicable) are checked and coordinated, changes are made, and confirmations are sent.

PAFs, which require budget transactions must be routed with a completed and signed budget, change request form stapled to the PAF. PAFs requiring budget changes, without a signed budget transfer attached will be routed back to the department head/dean for completion.

This and other forms are available online at

PAF Form Required Signatures

Title Changes

Department Head/Dean, Vice President

One Time Payment

Department Head/Dean, Vice President

FTE Increase (regular positions) or Salary Increase in Excess of 10% (not previously approved on a Recruiting Requisition)

Department Head/Dean, Vice President and Vice President for Administration and University Relations