Office of Institutional Research

Quick Stats - New Undergraduate Profiles

Data Source: Fall quarter enrollment statistics reports.

After viewing the following charts, if you want to learn more about enrolled students, visit:

SPU faculty and staff will find additional information under Resources For: Faculty & Staff. Look under Student Information. Enrollment by program can be found under Student Information (see "Enrollment by Graduate Program or Major/Minor").

Figure 1: Growing the freshmen applicant pool to support student selectivity

Freshmen Applications

Figure 2: Autumn New-Student Headcounts -- High School and Transfers

New Student Headcount -- Freshmen and Transfers

Figure 3: New Undergraduate Diversity
Note: Excludes international students and those with "unknown" ethnicity.

  • Since 2000, men consistently account for 30-33 percent of all new undergraduate students.
    U.S. Ethnic Minority Students
  • Since 2000, the percentage of U.S. domestic ethnic minority students has continued to increase to the 2018 all-time high of 51 percent.
New UG Students -- Percent Men and Minorities

Figure 4: New Freshmen - Average SAT Scores

Seattle Pacific's average SAT score has consistently been higher than the national or Washington state averages.

Note: SAT scores were nationally re-centered in 1995.
New Student Average SAT Scores