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This site has been designed to place the most frequently used reports at your fingertips.

If you’re looking for official Autumn Quarter summary information, visit SPU Facts, which provides:

Academic Profile: Faculty headcount and terminal degree information, academic programs, top-10 undergraduate programs, student-to-faculty ratio (national definition), etc.
Enrollment Statistics: Autumn headcounts, diversity and student profiles; incoming new-student profile by average GPA and SAT scores; retention and 6-year graduation rates, etc.

How to use the dashboard – window to greater detail:

Since this is a secured site and open to only deans, department chairs, faculty or their designates, you will be asked to log in after you click on the selected topic. You log into the secured system by entering your user name and password when prompted — the same information you enter when logging onto your campus computer.



Program Assessment

Degrees Awarded (Annual)

  • By major / graduate program
  • By minor

Program Review Information (Annual)

While each year selected programs go through the Graduate and Undergraduate program review process, the above reports allow all chairs to annually review program information.

Academic Affairs & Office of Institutional Research

Annually, OAA and the deans review & approve the rules and values used in assigning release and load credit values.  OIR maintains this information and works with the schools staff to verify this information is accurately reported for each faculty.

Monitor Programs & Students

Undergraduate Students
(A, W, Sp)

NOTE: Due to the sensitive data that appears on this report, it is only available to Deans and Department Chairs.

This report allows deans and chairs to review a roster of students in their major/minors – class level, graduation term, email, etc.

In addition, “intended majors” or “undecided” students are listed, providing the chairs with the opportunity to contact and encourage students to consider their major.

Quarterly Program Information
(A, W, Sp)