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Welcome to the SPU Employee Dashboard!

If you’re looking for official Autumn Quarter summary information, visit SPU Facts, which provides:

Academic Profile: The number of faculty and academic programs, top 10 undergraduate programs, student-to-faculty ratio, etc.
Enrollment Statistics: Reports autumn headcounts, diversity, and student profiles; incoming new-student profile by average GPA and SAT scores; retention and six-year graduation rates.

How to use the dashboard – window to greater detail:

Choose a topic from below by clicking on a box. This will allow you to gain access to the related report(s). Some subject areas have reports that are updated annually; others are updated quarterly (A, W, Sp).

Because this is a secured site and open to only SPU faculty and staff, you will be asked to log in after you select a box. You log into the secured system by entering your user name and password when prompted — the same information entered when logging onto your campus computer.



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