Your Address

Provide your family, friends, banks, magazine vendors, etc. with your campus address — reflecting the proper format below. Your mail must be addressed as follows:

Seattle Pacific University
3307 3rd Ave W., Mailstop #________
Seattle, WA 98119-7911

Receiving Your Mail

Students have their incoming mail sorted and put into their mailboxes by 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Mail is sorted by matching the name and mailbox number on the mail piece with a student’s mailstop at the mailstop bay.

Do not use nicknames, aliases, etc.
If the names and mailbox numbers do not match, mail will not be put into the mailbox.

If your mail is not appropriately addressed, it will undergo several different processes, delaying timely delivery. Mail may also be returned to sender as Insufficient Address if the attempt to process your mail is not successful.

Receiving Your Packages
For packages too large for your mailbox, the Mail Center will send you an email to let you know a package has been received and available for your pickup.

For the fastest pickup service:
Bring your emailed notice with you. It includes information to help you get your package faster.
If you don’t have the email notice, provide us with your mailstop number and the location of the package, which is indicated on the email sent to you. (There are four areas of holding for packages: Shelf, Flats, Wall, and Checks. Giving the location listed on the email to the Mail Center staff will expedite the process.)