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What is UI?

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Urban Involvement connects SPU students to a variety of community organizations through weekly service teams and quarterly immersion experiences.

UI is facilitated by student leaders, supported through the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP), and under the mentorship of John Perkins Center staff.

How do advisors and student leaders partner? 
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Mekong Kids
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Urban Plunge

Urban Plunge is a five-day immersion experience designed to help participants encounter people experiencing homelessness and learn what resources are available to Seattle's homeless population.

Interested in Urban Involvement? Contact the UI Core.

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Spend winter quarter serving with UI

Find a UI team to serve with in the Seattle area.  Contact a team leader for more info.

Tent City 3 involvement

Find out more about Tent City 3 on SPU Campus.

Hosted winter 2014-2015

Where do UI teams serve?

Monday - Friday
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