Main Campus In-House Housekeeping Survey

Please rate the overall quality of SPU's housekeeping services in your department. All areas are included in the survey. A few examples from each area have been provided according to their different frequencies. Please make additional comments in the box below.

Unacceptable Needs Improvement Average Satisfactory Excellent
1) Classroom Care (daily):
Vacuum, clean chalkboards, trays, supply chalk, empty waste containers
2) Entranceway Care (daily):
Sweep outside entrance, damp mop floors, spot clean entry glass
3) Office Care
Vacuum, straighten furniture relamp (daily, as needed), dust furniture & flat surfaces (quarterly)
4) Public Area Care (weekly)
Spot clean walls, doors & carpets; dust flat surfaces
5) Restroom Care (daily)
Clean/disinfect urinals & toilets, clean/wash sinks, restock all dispensers
6) Stairwell Care
Sweep & vacuum (alternate days), damp mop stairs (weekly), dust flat surfaces (weekly)
Please use the below area to make additional comments that will help us better our service to you.