General Maintenance Service Survey

Maintenance Excellent Good Fair Poor
1) How timely did our scheduling department respond to your service request?
2) How well did our scheduling (dates/times) meet your needs?
3) Was the requested work completed by the time it was needed?
4) How well have we done in completing the requested work to your satisfaction?
5) How well has our Route Maintenance program met your needs?
6) Is the Route Maintenance person in your area with adequate frequency?
7) How well have we communicated to you regarding the status or the change in status of the work you requested?
8) How adequate of notice did we give you of maintenance activities that could disrupt your program(s)?
9) How would you rate our staff in terms of their helpfulness and courtesy towards you (and your co-workers)?
10) What is your greatest structural, system, or maintenance concern?
What is your address?