Residential Space Housekeeping Survey

Unacceptable Needs Improvement Average Satisfactory Excellent
1) Sweeping hallways and floors:
2) Sweeping stairwells:
3) Vacuuming lounge carpets:
4) Arranging lounge furniture:
5) Cleaning the ironing and typing room floors:
6) Wiping down wall smudges:
7) Cleaning water fountains:
8) Emptying trash:
9) Changing burned out bulbs:
10) Scouring bathroom sinks:
11) Cleaning toilets:
12) Scouring shower floors and walls:
13) Supplying dispenser supplies (toilet paper, soap, etc.):
14) Has a friendly/helpful attitude:
15) Diligence in fulfilling time expectations:
Please use the below area to make additional comments that will help us better our service to you. (i.e. What could we have done to handle your request better? Where do we need to improve? Was exceptional service provided and if so by whom?)