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Room Change

Guidelines for room change may be obtained from the RA. Room changes may not occur immediately and are approved on a case-by-case basis depending on individual circumstances. Because of the educational nature of the residential community, your RLC or AC may require you to participate in a roommate mediation or similar process before allowing a room change. Approval must be received, your room change paperwork submitted and checkout paperwork completed prior to moving. Students who move to another room without permission may be subject to disciplinary action.


Due to the need to establish the hall community and to provide a smooth transition into the academic year, no room changes will be permitted during the first four weeks of Autumn Quarter or the first week of Winter and Spring quarters. If you are approved for a room change at the end of the quarter, you must move into your new unit prior to the closing of the residence halls so that the space you vacate is prepared for a new resident.

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