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Roommate Matching

Roommate matching is guided by the preferences you mark on the Campus Housing Application. We will seek to match you with someone who has marked similar characteristics and interests, so be honest and choose your answers carefully. Roommate assignments are made without regard to disability, race, religion, creed, or national origin.


If you want to room with a friend rather than be matched with someone new, enter your friend's SPU ID number in question #2 on your application. As long as the request is mutual, we’ll do our best to place you together; however, it will depend largely on whether you and your requested roommate have similar priority.


Although you and your roommate may be matched because you share some of the same qualities, you should not expect those similarities to ensure a strong roommate relationship. Regardless of how well you match on paper, or even if you choose your roommate, characteristics such as cooperation, compassion, and communication make roommate relationships work. Coming into your new living situation with an open mind will contribute to developing a friendship that will last long after you graduate.

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