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Business and Global Poverty

Jeff KeenanOver the next couple of weeks, our guest blogger, Jeff Keenan -- author, poverty alleviation activist, and global supply chain leader -- will explore creative ways businesses can make a difference in the fight against global poverty. He'll also share ways we can join in the effort through our decisions with investing and saving.

In his first entry, Jeff discusses the shift that may be taking place in the field from aid-centric to trade-centric economic involvement. He then turns his attention to how we can reframe our thinking about the impact business can have on the issues of poverty. He also offers some options available to investors who want to create sustainable economic opportunity for people living in poverty.

Global poverty can feel overwhelming, but we are able to make a difference. We invite you to join the conversation and offer your own practical advice. How do you think business can affect economic opportunities for people living in poverty? What are ways that you or your company have responded? Read Jeff's post, and share your comments and ideas.

CIB Building Readership for Website

The Center for Integrity in Business at Seattle Pacific University has launched a new website that features conversations with Christian leaders, book reviews, and a blog exploring theologically informed approaches to business.

There, you'll also find updates on important conversations and events taking place on the SPU campus, and opportunities for scholarly research and grants. We're working hard to create a dynamic online community. Invite your friends to subscribe here.

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