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Business and Government: Eternal Enemies or Good Partners?

Gideon Strauss


On October 13, the CIB is pleased to host Gideon Strauss, senior fellow at the Center for Public Justice. In a special CIB-Kiros luncheon (Upper Gwinn Commons, 12-1:30 p.m., SPU campus), Stauss will lead an interactive discussion on the tangible ways in which the business community can rethink its relationship with government. Reserve your spot today!

About the discussion: Business and government often act as adversaries. Government does not always trust business to self-monitor its practices, and business often views the public sector as overstepping its boundaries and working against its economic goals. To solve our greatest challenges, though, we must find creative ways for business and government to function in greater harmony and with greater trust, finding shared goals that allow for greater numbers of employees, customers, and citizens to prosper.

About our speaker: Strauss, originally from South Africa, served as an advisor to the South African constitutional assembly on the language clauses in the founding provisions and bill of rights included in the 1996 Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. Prior to his appointment at the CPJ, he worked at the Christian Labour Association of Canada, as well as a senior fellow at the think tank Cardus, and as the editor of the journal Comment. Currently, Strauss is working on a book tentatively titled Wonder, Heartbreak, and Hope, on rereading the Psalms in devotional preparation for social action.

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