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January 2014  

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Center for Integrity in Business! We are thankful to be part of a growing community that is empowering business to reach its full potential as an agent of positive change in the world. In the coming year, we will seek to serve you in this effort by creating tools, resources, and communities that will strengthen your ability to lead with integrity and shape a more just and flourishing world.



Change Your Life at Work

CIB is delighted to begin 2014 with Dr. Bryan Dik's visit to the SPU campus on Thursday, January 16. Dr. Dik teaches psychology at Colorado State University and is cofounder and chief science officer of jobZology. He is a well-known speaker and co-author or co-editor of several books, including Make Your Job a Calling: How the Psychology of Vocation Can Change Your Life at Work (2012, Templeton Press).

  Dr. Bryan Dik

Dr. Dik will speak to graduate students and business leaders at 4:30 p.m. in Otto Miller Hall, Room 109, on person-environment fit (as it's known in management literature), or the "where" and "how" of accomplishing your goals as part of your sense of calling. He will also discuss his research and consulting work around this notion of "fit" not just as a way to improve productivity, but as an organizing principle for career decisions around calling, and finding meaning and purpose in your work.

CIB and the Center for Leadership Research and Development (Department of Industrial/Organizational Psychology) are very pleased to co-host this session. Additional details on CIB's website.



Entrepreneurship and Mission: January/February 2014

This two-weekend intensive course, hosted by CIB and CBTE, will examine models of social impact, church planting, and business as mission; and discuss practical ecclesiology, economic sustainability, and entrepreneurship's place in the church.

Classes are held Friday evenings and all day Saturdays on January 24-25, February 7-8, and February 21. The course will be taught by David Leong, PhD (assistant professor of missiology in SPU's School of Theology) and Randy Franz, PhD (associate professor of management in SPU's School of Business and Economics. More information and registration at



Business Parables

Need a weekly devotional that considers the unique spiritual challenges business leaders face? Consider Dr. Bruce Baker's weekly Business Parables on CIB's blog. Dr. Baker is assistant professor of business ethics at SPU, and has committed to writing one parable each week for the next year. We appreciate his perspective and insight, and think you will, too. If you would like to subscribe to Business Parables, please email



March "Just Business" Roundtable, Featuring Canlis

CIB and C3 Leaders are teaming up to offer the second Just Business roundtable at Canlis in March. This is an opportunity to take an inside look at local businesses and dig deep with other business leaders who seek to live out Christian values in the marketplace. Details will be announced shortly and will be available on the CIB website.



Technology Conference White Paper

In June of 2012, CIB presented "The Digital Society," a conference gathering practitioners, business and IT leaders, and historians and sociologists who study technology. The conference began a new conversation blending the practical experiences of those who design, build, and direct the implementation of new technologies with important theoretical perspectives from academia.

A white paper (PDF) written by the conference organizers summarizes the main questions, discussions, and general agreements of the conference, and is now posted on the "Next Steps" page of the conference website.



CIB Video Library

Over the past several years, the CIB has hosted prominent business leaders on topics related to business, faith, leadership, and integrity. Recent interviews with Bill Pollard, chairman emeritus of the ServiceMaster Company, and Sonny Vu, co-founder and CEO of Misfit Wearables, have been added to our online collection of video resources. You can find these -- and more -- in CIB's growing YouTube library. (Longer, lecture-oriented presentations are also on CIB's iTunes channel).



Coming Soon: CIB Webinars

The CIB will offer its first webinar on February 20, 2014, at 10 a.m., with Dr. Bruce Baker giving a 20-minute talk (and then fielding 20 minutes of questions) on "A Christian Approach to Big Data." The webinar will include visuals (slides and documents) as well as opportunities to submit questions and comments in real time.

This will be the first of many similar opportunities to make the research and scholarship conducted by faculty members of SPU's School of Business and Economics available to business leaders, business practitioners, and other interested parties. We welcome your involvement in this event and will provide instructions about how to participate. Please check the Events and Connections page of our website to register.



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