Student Financial Services
Student Financial Services

Financial Aid: Application Process

  • UG Financial Aid Checklists [New Students] [Continuing Students]
    Print a copy of these checklists to make sure you are on track for next fall!

  • Apply for Admission: Deadlines [Applying to SPU]

      First day
    to apply
    Priority financial aid consideration, including merit scholarships
    Freshman: October 1 February 1
    Transfers: October 1 February 1

  • Scholarship Applications

    SPU Merit Scholarships: You will automatically be considered for any scholarships for which you are eligible, based on your admissions application. Information you provide in "Involvement and Activities" is important for determining scholarship eligibility.

    Fine Arts Scholarships: Auditions are required. Request an audition by calling 206-281-2205.

    Athletic Scholarships: For information call 203-281-2085.

    Outside Scholarships: SPU receives scholarship notices periodically from outside agencies and organizations. You must apply directly to the organizations listed to be considered. Check out this website to view scholarship web links, tips, and a listing of awards.

  • Financial Aid Application [FAFSA deadlines and information]
    1. Fill out the FAFSA early! Apply as soon as possible after January 1 so that you may receive timely financial aid information.
    2. You will need a federal ID and password (personal identification number) to complete your FAFSA or renewal FAFSA. Important: Your parents may apply for a federal ID and password also. They can use these credentials to electronically sign the FAFSA.
    3. Make sure SPU's Title IV code (003788) is listed on your FAFSA.
    4. Once your application is processed, the government will send a copy to both you and SPU. Please review for errors and correct as needed.

  • Notification of SPU Financial Assistance Package.

    We will not process your FAFSA application until you have been admitted.

    You will receive one paper offer letter while attending SPU, all revisions and future offers will be sent to your SPU email. Your award will indicate the types and amounts of assistance you are being offered and will provide instructions about what you must do to receive your financial aid.

    Be sure to check your SPU email account for additional communication from SPU. If additional information is requested, respond quickly. If you do not understand the request, call for an explanation.

    Seattle Pacific has created a Net Price Calculator to help you estimate your financial aid and net costs. Complete the calculator to see what you may be eligible to receive!

  • Ready to choose SPU?
    1. Make your advance payment by May 1
    2. Submit all requested information by August 21

Last Updated: 6/25/2015