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QuikPay FAQ

Q. I have two students at SPU. Can I use the same Authorized Payer username/password for both of them?
A. No. You will need to establish a different username and password for each student account at SPU.

Q. Why am I getting two emails when I make a payment?
A. An email is automatically generated for the email address that is part of the payment profile. If you have checked "Email me a copy of my payment confirmation" under User Preferences, it will also send a separate email to the email address given in User Preferences. If you only want one email, uncheck the "email me" option in User Preferences.

Q. If a portion of my credit card payment is refunded, will I get part of the fee back as well?
A. No, the service fee is non-refundable.

Q. If I overpay my account with e-check, can you refund that for me?
A. No. If you have a credit after making an e-check payment, we will release a paper credit balance check to the original payer.

Q. I don't have access to the internet/can't connect right now, can you make a payment for me?
A. No, there are a number of computer labs/kiosks around campus, including in our office (SFS) you can use. Another option might be the public library system.

Q. I have a registration hold, when will my payment appear on my account?
A. In general, we will post any activity the following business day. If you need to register right away, we can verify that you have made the payment before it posts and temporarily remove your hold.

Q. I'm having trouble with the site, who do I contact?
A. You can email us using the "contact us" link in the upper right on the site, or call us at 206-281-2061. (toll-free 1-800- 737-8826) If there are serious technical issues we cannot resolve with you, we will contact Quikpay directly.

Last Updated: 2/27/2014