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Now you can download SPU logos and the latest templates, including fax cover sheets, electronic memos and PowerPoint presentations, and a template to make formatting easy when printing letters on the new letterhead. The templates, like the printed material, complement the new visual identification system.

For ease in having templates on your desktop, we suggest you create a special folder on your computer that will allow you to choose the option whenever opening a new document. The directions below tell you how.


  1. Right-click (PC users) or click and hold (Mac users) the link.
  2. Choose "Save Target As" or "Download Link to Disk."
  3. Choose a location to save the logo or template; then click "Save."

PC Users (Windows 95 and higher) - Templates

  1. Click "Help" in Word.
  2. Click Microsoft Word Help.
  3. Type "Templates" and download or print the attached PDF file.
  4. If further assistance is needed, contact the CIS HelpDesk at 206/281-2982, or e-mail help@spu.edu.

Mac Users (Word 98 and higher)

  1. Locate the "Templates" folder within the "Microsoft Office" folder.
  2. In the file menu, select "New Folder" and name it "SPU Templates."
  3. Drag and drop templates into the "SPU Templates" folder.


When creating a brochure, flyer, or other such piece — printed or online — you will get the best results using the file option best suited to your needs. Here is help in choosing what you need:

EPS files: When using professional offset printing, digital printing through Kinko's or other vendors, or printing on your office printer, choose an EPS file for the best results. If your project is black and white, use the black logo. Use the color logo for full-color (four-color process) projects or for two- or three-color projects in which black and Pantone 208 (burgundy) are used.

TIFF files: TIFF files can also be used for print use, but they will compromise resolution and quality at larger reproduction sizes.

Note: The SPU torch symbol should not be used without the additional presence of one of the official versions of the SPU logo somewhere in your document — which is usually placed on the bottom of a one-page flyer, on the back page of a multiple-page or panel document, or back cover of a bound booklet.

GIF, JPEG, PNG files: For Web or other electronic projects, use GIF, JPEG, or PNG files, depending on the requirements of the medium. For example, GIF files would be optimal for Web pages (allow for faster downloading), and JPEG and PNG files would be better for PowerPoint presentations.

SPU Logos for Print Use

SPU Logos for Online Use




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