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Summer 2003 | Volume 26, Number 3

Faith and Film
It’s the summer movie season, and once again we’re bombarded with images from Hollywood’s latest releases. So what impact does the film industry have on people of faith — and vice versa?
  The Critics’ Picks
The Los Angeles Film Studies Center

In God Alone
Commencement speaker Miroslav Volf told a record number of SPU graduates that the core of the Christian calling “is to make God the object of our faith and love.”

Exclusion and Embrace
A native Croatian, Miroslav Volf has experienced the horrors of ethnic conflict. The SPU community delves this fall into Volf’s critically acclaimed book, Exclusion and Embrace, which offers a biblical view of “identity, otherness and reconciliation.”

John Wesley’s 300th Birthday

After three centuries, is the legacy of John Wesley still relevant to his Methodist heirs, such as SPU? Professor Randy Maddox says it’s time to reclaim the “holistic salvation” Wesley preached.
  Reclaiming Holistic Salvation
What’s “Free” About “Free Methodist”?

Reaching the Neighborhood
With delegates from around the world and a focus on community outreach, the Free Methodist General Conference convened at SPU this summer.

Into the Garden
Nearly 750 people toured the gardens of SPU and five private homes during the first annual SPU Queen Anne Garden Tour in May.

SPU’s Finest
Though their responsibilities differ, this year’s faculty and staff award winners share a commitment to personal and professional excellence.

From the President
Americans today are searching for a new tone for their lives. “We are talking here about another set of values — not the giddy sense of entitlement that emerges out of exuberant times,” says President Philip Eaton.

A Gift at Any Age
Young alumni are supporting The Campaign for SPU with the Young Alumni Endowment. They will provide scholarship support to students engaging the culture. [Campaign]

Like Grandfather, Like Grandson
On June 7, 80-year-old Sheldon Arnett finally received his bachelor’s degree from Seattle Pacific. His grandson, Jeremiah Johnson, earned his SPU bachelor’s degree the same day. [Campus]

The Retiring Class of 2003
Five professors, with a combined 162 years in the classroom, retired this year. They tell of their careers and the impact students had on them. [Faculty]

Still Exploring
Missionary bush pilot Roald Amundsen ’41 founded Missionary Aviation and Repair Center (MARC) — becoming an explorer just like the famous Norwegian for whom he was named. [Alumni]

Second Wind
A marathoner, wife, mother and business alumna, Claudia Shannon came back after tough times. As a 45-year-old senior, she was on the SPU cross country team that ranked 14th in the nation. [Athletics]

My Response
After 25 years, Joyce Quiring Erickson, retiring professor of English and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, reflects on glossy brown chestnuts, home and the Promised Land.