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Autumn 2007 | Volume 30, Number 2 | Features

Other Books on the Globalization
Reading List

“Texts and Contexts IV: Globalization”


Jung Chang. Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China (Touchstone, 2003). Three generations in China live through the warlord years, World War II, the formation of the People’s Republic, and the Cultural Revolution.


Conrad Kottak. Assault on Paradise: Social Change in a Brazilian Village (McGraw-Hill, 2005). How have the economy, ecology, and culture in the coastal village of Arembepe, Brazil, changed over 30 years?


Pietra Rivoli. The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy (Wiley, 2006). Textile factories were once in England, then New England, then the southeast United States, then Japan, then Hong Kong. Now subsidized cotton grown in Texas is sent to China to be made into T-shirts and then shipped back to the United States.


Muhammed Yunus. Banker to the Poor (PublicAffairs, 2003). The Nobel Peace Prize winner tells the story of mirocredit.


Jagdish Bhagwati. In Defense of Globalization (Oxford University Press, USA, 2007). What are some key issues of globalization? How should it be evaluated?

Hernando de Soto. The Other Path (Perseus Books Group, 2002). Why are so many excluded from participation in the global economy?

Jared Diamond. Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed (Penguin, 2005). Observe the use and abuse of resources in several societies at different places and times.

Conrad Kottak. Assault on Paradise: Social Change in a Brazilian Village (McGraw-Hill, 2005). How have the economy, ecology, and culture in the coast village of Arembepe, Brazil, changed over 30 years?

Jeffrey Sachs. The End of Poverty (Penguin, 2006). Look at poverty clinically, as a disease that could possibly be ended with the right diagnosis and treatment.

Peter Singer. One World: The Ethics of Globalization (Yale University Press, 2004). Will national leaders ever consider policies that are
best for the world?

Joseph Stiglitz. Making Globalization Work (W.W. Norton, 2007). How can global economic institutions be reformed?

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Department Highlights

from the president
Going Global
President Philip Eaton asks the Seattle Pacific community to discuss what “global” means for SPU.

APA Accreditation
SPU’s doctoral program in psychology now in an elite group.

Street Vision
Hillary Prag '06 gives homeless teens a voice — through a camera lens and Seattle gallery showing.

books, film, & music
Behind the Faces
Four new films may help moviegoers learn to love and understand their global neighbors.

On the Fast Track
Jessica Pixler received numerous awards as a freshman, including an international gold.

my response
A Banquet of Languages
David Habecker ’93 says knowing multiple languages gave him a new perspective on life — and his faith.

Response art
Forbidden City
Professor Joanna Poznanska and her husband share “Forbidden City,” by a Chinese artist.