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Autumn 2007 | Volume 30, Number 2 | Features

Neighbor to Neighbor

They’re Christians with a special calling: global relationships

Allison Hosley
Allison Hosley chats with a Karamajong boy and girl in Kaabong, NE Uganda — one of many global stops in Hosley’s life as a nurse and aid worker. Recently, she spent 18 months in the war zone of Darfur.

Some are students just beginning to imagine how their skills and interests might change the world. Some are alumni who have chosen to be global Christians, individuals committed to living out their lives — and their faith — in the context of a diverse, complex, and sometimes dangerous world. Others are faculty members, whose scholarship illuminates and proposes solutions to difficult world problems, and whose teaching ignites in their students a passion for the world.

Although their global interests differ, each of these people has something in common: a love for their neighbors around the world. Each is working, one relationship at a time, toward a world in which, as Seattle Pacific University President Philip Eaton describes it, “all God’s children will flourish.”


Nine stories of Christians who think and act globally:
Allison Hosley: Home Is Where God Needs Her
Art Ellis: Providential Connections
Aleya Mullet Hanson: Outpouring of Love
Brendon Teng: Business Solutions for Social Needs
Kim Segall: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself
Henry and Dorothy Littlejohn: Seeking Salaam in Our Time
John Wesley Johnson: Advocacy With a Global Touch
Jennifer Jantz: A New Generation of Global Leadership
Jaeil Lee: Autobiography of a Dream

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