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Autumn 2007 | Volume 30, Number 2 | Footnotes


Brandon Bates ’00 to Melinda Turner on June 3, 2006, in Gleneden Beach, Oregon.

Jeff Erickson to LAURA NOVOBIELSKI M.S. ’05 on June 10, 2006, in Yakima, Washington.

Peter Delach to CHARITY VAN’T HOF ’04 on July 1, 2006, in Nampa, Idaho.

JUSTIN SECKEL ’06 to KATRINA UTTERBACK ’06 on July 15, 2006, in Olympia, Washington.

GRANT LUDWICK ’06 to AMY HARRIS ’06 on July 23, 2006, in Sunriver, Oregon.

MARK KAMIN ’05 to JESSICA PELLEGRINI ’05 on August 12, 2006, in Shelton, Washington.

DANIEL TOMPKINS ’06 to SARAH RAST ’06 on August 12, 2006, in Tacoma, Washington.

Earl Ostrosser to JAYNIE REYNOLDS ’06 on September 2, 2006, in Seattle.

Randal Ward to JILL MANNING ’00 on October 7, 2006, in Walla Walla, Washington.

Ireland Wedding
Joy and John Ireland
Burnham Wedding
Jessica and Bryson Burnham

John Ireland III to JOY O’NEIL ’99 on October 20, 2006, in Sierra Madre, California.

Alex Wright to ERICA MURRAY ’96 on October 28, 2006, in Carmel, California.

Bryson Burnham to JESSICA NELSON ’02 on November 4, 2006, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

JEFFREY HICKERSON ’92 to Yvonne Marlin on November 4, 2006, in Port Angeles, WA.

THOMAS HANKS ’83 to KELLIE WANKE ’94 on November 25, 2006, in Portland, Oregon.

Craig Vattiat to Margaret Timm ’01 on December 17, 2006, in Portland, Oregon.

Thomas Timmerman to amber talbott ’96 on December 30, 2006, in Seattle.

PETER WILSON ’06 to MOLLY GRAMMER ’06 on December 30, 2006, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

NATHAN ELLIS ’06 to ANNE JOLLEY ’06 on January 5, 2007, in Seattle.

KYLE MCGEE ’04 to KELSIE MOE ’05 on January 13, 2007, in Seattle.

J.P. Watson ’04 to Sara Huie ’04 on January 13, 2007, in Portland, Oregon.

ROBIN SCHWEEN ’06 to HEIDI JACOBSON ’06 on January 27, 2007, in Mercer Island, Washington.

Daniel Rush to AUDREY NEWTON ’04 on March 31, 2007, in Seattle.

RICK SLATER ’06 to BECKY HALLEN ’07 on May 26, 2007, in Salmon, Idaho.

CHRISTOPHER PETERSON ’07 to JODIE RYDMAN ’07 on June 16, 2007, in Mercer Island, Washington.

KYLE FELDMAN ’06 to SARAH WARE ’06 on July 29, 2007, in Poulsbo, Washington.

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Department Highlights

from the president
Going Global
President Philip Eaton asks the Seattle Pacific community to discuss what “global” means for SPU.

APA Accreditation
SPU’s doctoral program in psychology now in an elite group.

Street Vision
Hillary Prag '06 gives homeless teens a voice — through a camera lens and Seattle gallery showing.

books, film, & music
Behind the Faces
Four new films may help moviegoers learn to love and understand their global neighbors.

On the Fast Track
Jessica Pixler received numerous awards as a freshman, including an international gold.

my response
A Banquet of Languages
David Habecker ’93 says knowing multiple languages gave him a new perspective on life — and his faith.

Response art
Forbidden City
Professor Joanna Poznanska and her husband share “Forbidden City,” by a Chinese artist.