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Photo Finish by Clint Kelly ( | Photos by Dorothy Huynh

Web Feature Posted September 16, 2011

Photo Finish: "Empty" Landscapes Stand Out in Student's Photo Style

“I always have some kind of camera on me," says Seattle Pacific University junior Dorothy Huynh,"whether it be my cell phone camera, my point and shoot, my Instax, or my Mark II."

She's prepared – and enterprising. This visual communications major is building a thriving photography business, despite a hectic academic schedule. In two years, she has taken senior photos for 80 high school students, a number of family sessions, and by the end of this year, plans to have captured 20 weddings.

Huynh's first love is lifestyle photography."I like capturing the moments in between poses."

The photo of Point Wilson Lighthouse near Port Townsend, Washington, drew her into its minimalistic landscape."I love simplicity," she says."The more simple it is, the more potential it has."

The photo was featured on, a photography blog. Braden Lenny '11 created the blog during his senior year to showcase SPU student photos.