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Web Feature Posted February 25, 2014

“What item could you not live without at Seattle Pacific?”

Interviews by Julia Siemens | Photos by Luke Rutan

It was chilly on the last Thursday in September, but new students at Seattle Pacific University were working up a sweat. Freshmen, parents, and student volunteers schlepped mini fridges, duvets, and lamps up the stairs to freshly painted rooms. Amidst all of the commotion, an etc magazine photographer and editor wandered Emerson Residence Hall asking students what item they couldn’t bear to leave at home. Here’s what freshmen said.

Mariah Conley

Flute — Mariah Conley, Everett, Washington
“I’ll be in choir, so I don’t have enough time to play flute in a band. I need it so I can practice.”

Sean Ferrill

Football helmet lamp — Sean Ferrill, Stanwood, Washington
After Sean injured his medial collateral ligament (MCL) and continued to come to football practices to encourage his teammates, his high school football coach gave him this custom lamp.

Olivia Wallace

Keepsakes for her bulletin board — Olivia Wallace, Vancouver, Washington
Olivia has spent six years collecting the things for her bulletin board. The collection includes handwritten letters from her boyfriend (who’s going to college in New York), a postcard from the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, band letters, a bookmark from Costa Rica, and more.

Mr. Darcy the goldfish

Mr. Darcy the goldfish — Zöe Wolf, Federal Way, Washington
“It’s my little bit of family that I brought with me.”

Squirrel mug

Squirrel mug — Marley Taylor, Puyallup, Washington
Why couldn’t she leave her squirrel mug in her parents’ kitchen cupboard? “Just look at it,” Marley says. The mug is from her best friend and incorporates two of her favorite things: hot chocolate and this furry woodland creature.

David Salguero

iPhone 5 — David Salguero, Aspen Colorado
David says he’s not sure he and his parents could have found their way to Seattle Pacific without the help of his phone. “I do so many things on here,” he says. “It’s how I communicate with everyone.”

Elishia Chun

Rice and mini rice cooker — Elishia Chun, Honolulu, Hawaii
Older Hawaiian students warned Elishia that rice on the mainland is not cooked the same as rice on the islands. So she came prepared. “I grew up with rice, and I feel like it’s part of me,” she says. “I need to have it.”

Graham Landies

Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton, Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey, Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis — Graham Landies, Novato, California
Can you tell that Graham plans to be a philosophy or theology major? His recent favorite of the three is Mere Christianity. “I find myself referencing it all of the time.”

Zebra Pillow Pet

Zebra Pillow Pet — Elizabeth Bartholomew, Salam, Oregon
“It will help me sleep better at night.”


Speakers — David Kimn, Woodinville, Washington
How loud will David’s room be? “It depends on if I get in trouble,” he says.

Brad Challis

Basketball — Brad Challis, Parker Colorado
Brad plans to play intramural basketball and to shoot hoops with his friends. “It’s a good way to release stress,” he says. Brad also vowed to be at all of the NCAA Division II Falcon home games, and has the schedule in his room to prove it.

Reprinted from SPU’s Winter 2014 etc magazine.