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Web Feature Posted January 7, 2016

The 2015 Response Top 10

In Their Own Words: One of 2014's top 15 articles for Response online.
Student Sam Hendren practices writing Mandarin Chinese. “Dreaming in Mandarin” was one of the most-read stories in 2015 for Response online. Photo by Mike Siegel.

Last year nearly 100,000 Response readers visited the magazine’s online edition — with readers from New York to Hawaii and all the states in-between — as well as readers from countries such as Thailand, China, Israel, Pakistan, England, and Italy.

Here are the top 10 most popular articles that those online readers read and shared:

10. Protest and God’s Presence (Spring 2014)
Associate Professor of Theology Brian Bantum looked at the power dynamic of global protest movements through the lens of Isaiah.

9. 12th Man's Best Friend (Spring 2015)
Alumnus Jeff Richards ’02 has a job that’s all about the Seahawks fans. He gets to dream up new ways to get them excited about their team.

8. Once Lost, Now Found (Summer 2015)
SPU students could now connect to the past through almost 40 original letters, penned by famed abolitionist and author of “Amazing Grace,” John Newton.

7. Free at Last (Summer 2015)
Missionary Phyllis Sortor ’64 spoke of God’s faithfulness even during the ordeal of being kidnapped in Nigeria and held for 12 days.

6. Reviving Our Abolitionist Roots (Summer 2015)
The Set Free Movement is highlighting the “freedom” in Free Methodism, SPU’s founding denomination.

5. Decades of Service (Summer 2015)
Six faculty members retired, and students, past and present, offered their professors well wishes and thanks for years of service.

4. Land for the Least (Autumn 2015)
Landesa CEO Tim Hanstad ’85, SPU’s 2016 Alumnus of the Year, fights for the rights of the world’s poorest individuals.

3. Dreaming in Mandarin (Spring 2015)
In 2015, students filled the classroom for new language courses in Mandarin Chinese.

2. Adiós, River Blindness (Spring 2015)
Over nearly four decades, alumnus Ron Guderian ’67 has witnessed communities in Ecuador become empowered to wipe out a devastating disease.

Falcon Hand

1. A Thousand Aha Moments (Spring 2015)
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Adam Arabian and students Sean Russell, Barrett Estep, and Perris Anawati designed and 3-D printed “The Falcon Hand.”