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Spring 2005 | Volume 28, Number 1 | Features

Living Globally

The Call to Engagement Extends Beyond the Comfort Zone

For some Seattle Pacific University graduates of the 21st century, engagement has no borders. They choose to apply their knowledge, skill, and faith in places far from home. Today’s students have grown up in a global age, viewing the interconnected world on their televisions and computer screens.

Though PATH employee Lisa Moy’s office is located just a few miles from SPU, her work is focused on the women of developing countries, where access to quality medical care is often limited.

They’ve encountered world issues — from the role of the United States in the international community to the global sources of everyday consumer goods — in and out of the classroom. So when it comes time to graduate, the possibility of helping to develop health care solutions for women in rural China, teaching schoolchildren in Haiti, or participating in community development in The Gambia may not seem so remote.

Living globally means giving up familiar comforts, and sometimes it even means facing hostility or danger. But graduates say it is also a life-stretching opportunity to build relationships with the diverse people of God’s earth. Here, in their own words, are the stories of three members of the next generation to follow Christ’s command to take the gospel to “all the nations.”

Jiangxi, China: Improving Women's Health
Brikama, The Gambia: Trading Comfort for Commitment
Port-au-Prince, Haiti: When God Says "Go"

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