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Winter 2006 | Volume 29, Number 1 | Campus

Selectivity Increases With a Record Number of Undergraduate Applications to SPU

IT’S BECOMING MORE DIFFICULT to get into Seattle Pacific University. A record number of applications and a capacity enrollment at SPU have meant increased competition for admission.

“Very well-qualified students are applying to SPU in record numbers, giving us greater opportunity to select the strongest applicants and those students who will benefit most from a Seattle Pacific education,” explains Marj Johnson, vice president for administration and university relations.

The number of freshman applicants to Seattle Pacific increased by 112 this year to 1,921. The University’s admit rate, an important measure of student demand and institutional success, improved by eight percentage points in one year to 85 percent. The academic credentials of incoming students also improved, with the average GPA of incoming freshmen at 3.65, up from 3.59 last year, and the average SAT score of incoming freshmen at 1,162, up from 1,141 last year.

Even while it continued to dramatically increase selectivity, SPU experienced overall enrollment growth this fall. “We admitted the number of students who, based on previous years’ experience, would yield our target enrollment goal,” explains Director of Undergraduate Admissions Jennifer Kenney. “What was different is that a greater percentage of those students chose to enroll.”

The result is that Seattle Pacific welcomed the largest, as well as the most highly qualified, new student class in the institution’s history. The class contributed to a record-setting enrollment of 3,873 students, including 3,086 undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students, and 787 graduate students.

Johnson notes that the strength of Seattle Pacific’s application pool, and the increased selectivity, demonstrate that the University is laying the groundwork for long-term goals. “We are recruiting and attracting students best qualified to fulfill our vision,” she says, “and we are building a campus and community life that equips these students to engage the culture and change the world.”

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