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Autumn 2009
Spring 2009

When Megan Swanson arrived...
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Stephen Rikard
Inquiring Minds
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Go Long
Go Long
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Falcon's Thrill
Falcon's Thrill
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Faith Shock
Faith Shock
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Seattle Waterfront
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Spring 2009
Spring 2009

How Real Students Pay for College
A college degree is not cheap—hear from four students who are doing it

Ashley Reece
Inquiring Minds
Glean from Ashley Reece’s SPU wisdom
Scroll Back for Inspiration
Scroll Back for Inspiration
SPU’s authentic Hebrew Torah will inspire your imagination.
SPU Men's Crew
Chasing the Dawn
The SPU rowing team: Crazy or inspirational?
students of faith
Beyond Belief
Seniors reflect on how their faith has changed
You’ll love this funky hamlet bursting with art, food, and oddities
Meredith Teague
My World: Meredith Teague
The Team Player
Robert Mbugua
My 2 Cents’ Worth: Ineliz Soto
Read about Ineliz’s experience with paying off her college loans in English or Spanish.
Winter 2009
Winter 2009

The Professor You’ll Never Forget
Seattle Pacific University professors are open and willing to mentor students — and once students take advantage of this opportunity, their lives are never the same

Nate Berends
Inquiring Minds
Glean from Nate Berends’ SPU wisdom
Sustainable Economics
Sustainable Economics
The beauty of recyclable giving
Come Together: The Music of Aurora
Meet this Seattle band of SPU students
Carly Holtzinger
Fashion for a Difference
Carly Holtzinger creates ways to help the homeless
Adventure Awaits
Seattle’s the perfect place to play outside

SPU Librarian
Meet the Librarians
Get to know SPU’s librarians and read reviews on their favorite books
Ray Sugarman
My World: Ray Sugarman
The Progressive Leader
Katelyn Knutson
My World: Katelyn Knutson
The Voracious Learner
Robert Mbugua
My 2 Cents’ Worth: Carly Simonson
Admissions Counselor Carly Simonson shares why she chose SPU
Autumn 2008
Autumn 2008

Displaced for a Day
Students attempt to see like refugees.
Zanie McMillan
Inquiring Minds
Zanie McMillan fills in the blanks about SPU life.
Business Students Cater to the Carbon-Conscious
Four students create a green way to shop online.
Rating Spaces Competition
Rating Spaces
Vote for the ultimate res hall room!
Tuning into God
Tuning Into God
A professor’s exploration of truth in popular music.
Sophisitcated Seattle
Sophisticated Seattle
A frugal Seattleite’s look at how to be cultured and cheap.
Sculpture Art Students
Students Take Their Art to the Next Dimension
How many people do you know with a sculpture in their backyard (and bird baths don’t count)?
Larry Wall
Missionary to the Geeks
Perl inventor finds great genius means great responsibility.
Cory Deppe
My World: Cory Deppe
Cory Deppe takes the road less traveled.
Shalia Aina
My World: Shalia Aina
Shalia Aina worships through hula.
Robert Mbugua
My 2 Cents’ Worth: Robert Mbugua
Admissions Counselor Robert Mbugua offers his story along with some personal advice.
Spring 2008
Autumn 2007

Inside the Legislature
Interns experience government as it happens.
Ryan Putnam
Inquiring Minds
Ryan Putnam gives you the skinny on life at SPU.
Latin at SPU
Lingua Latina Vivit!
Find out why SPU students love Latin.
Tammy Shih
Why I Want to Teach
Senior Tammy Shih realizes that becoming a teacher is not just a future possibility — but a present reality.
Get in the Game
Intramurals: Can sports teams thrive without practices? You bet
375 Project
375 Reasons to Give
An innovative program gets students excited to help others.
Nikkita Oliver
The Reconciler
Nikkita Oliver's faith drives her to take racial reconciliation seriously.
International District
Far East in the Northwest
Check out Seattle’s authentic Asian district.
Houston Lui
My World: Houston Lui
The men of 6th Ashton continue an orange tradition.
Naomi Fosket
My World: Naomi Fosket
Freshman Naomi Fosket is invited to the 2008 Olympic Games to do what she loves best: make music.
Jason Chivers
My 2 Cents’ Worth: Jason Chivers
Admissions Counselor Jason Chivers talkes about “leaving your mark”.
Winter 2008
Autumn 2007

All Systems Go
Electrical engineering majors turn knowledge into power — literally!
Inquiring Minds
You asked the questions. Now, junior Belinda Aldrett gives her answers.
Alyssa Fridenmaker
Benaroya: On Stage
Senior Alyssa Fridenmaker has your backstage pass to Benaroya Hall.
Ben Stuart
Welcome to My Day
Junior Ben Stuart gives an anything-but-average tour of his normal day
Jessica Pixler
Heart & Soul: Jessica Pixler
Cross Country Champion Jessica Pixler explains why running has taken on a whole new meaning.
Discovery Park
Seattle Getaways
Crave adventure? Discover the urban wilderness of Seattle parks.
Katie Kresser
Professing Faith
Four SPU faculty members talk faith in the classroom.
Urban Golf
Men in Argyle
Urban Golfers impress with more than just their golf game.
Abigail Stahl
My World: Abigail Stahl
The South African History Buff
Elias Wallace
My World: Elias Wallace
The Ethiopian Enthusiast
Amy Evans
My 2 Cents’ Worth: Amy Evans
Admissions Counselor Amy Evans discovered SPU was a place she could call home.
Autumn 2007
Autumn 2007

Street Vision
SPU alum gives homeless teens a voice- through the lens of a camera.
Jarrett Mylander
Inquiring Minds
Senior Jarrett Mylander tackles topics asked by real students.
Med Schools
A Perfect Score for SPU Premeds: 100%
Find out why SPU has such high acceptance rates into medical school.
Europe: The Ultimate Classroom
Students learn in Italy, Austria, Germany, and France.
Pura Vida
An Ethical Addiction
Get a double dose of caffeine and consciousness with Pura Vida.
Impressions of India
Visit India with recent SPU travelers.
Pike Place
Pike Place
A salute to Pike Place Market, and etc takes you there.
Brandon Teng
My World: Brandon Teng
The Socially Conscious Businessman
Callie Webb
My World: Callie Webb
The Event Guru
Kim Ward
My 2 Cents’ Worth: Kim Ward
Admissions Counselor Kim Ward discusses waiting for an “aha” moment your college search.

Spring 2007
Spring 2007

Lost and Found
Abe Bol and thousands like him, the “Lost Boys of Sudan,” came to America after being orphaned as war ravaged their homeland.
Margaret Landfair
Inquiring Minds
Answers to all your burning questions! Wondering about university life? Check. Curious about living in Seattle? Check. Junior transfer Margaret Landfair responds to real questions from etc readers.
Who Needs Project Runway?
Who Needs Project Runway?
Ever dream about a design career in Manhattan? Alum Megan Hitz made her dream come true — find out how.
The Lyrics of a Sad Song
The Lyrics of a Sad Song
SPUers living on the streets? It’s true — we’ll tell you why.
Snapshots of Stardom
Snapshots of Stardom: Seattle | 2007 Homecoming Talent Show
Inarguably the biggest event of the year, and an age-old Seattle Pacific University tradition, the 2007 Homecoming Talent Show will go down in the history books as legendary.
We Make Our Home in Ballard
We Make Our Home in Ballard
Maybe it’s the cupcakes, the date spots, or the neighborhood’s Nordic flair, but these students can’t stop talking about Ballard!
Melissa Warren
My World: Melissa Warren
The Compassionate Go-getter
B.J. Higa
My World: B.J. Higa
The Film Fanatic
Ineliz Soto
My 2 Cents’ Worth: Ineliz Soto
Admissions Counselor Ineliz Soto stresses the value of opportunity.
Winter 2007
Autumn 2007

Cool City, Cool Jobs
See where young alums are working in Seattle.
Cory Shepherd
Inquiring Minds
Business major Cory Shepherd answers your questions about professors, residence halls, and Seattle.
Blakely Island
The Wonder of Blakely Island
Visit a quiet island where SPU students attend the “Tropical Marine Biology” course.
Put together a bunch of shoes, freshmen in Hill Residence Hall, dozens of blind dates, and a local late night burger joint, and you have Dickerellas.
Destination: China
Destination: China
Shawrene Keppel writes about her life-changing trip to China.
Queen of the Hill
Queen of the Hill
Students rank their top 10 spots on Queen Anne Hill, just above SPU.
Sarah Martinez
My World: Sarah Martinez
The Soccer Star
Tim Neill
My World: Tim Neill
The Scholarly Prankster
Summer 2006
Spring 2006

The King of All Road Trips
Mission L.A is not your average road trip. It’s 40 hours of driving and hours of service — in one weekend!
Carolyn Nason
Inquiring Minds
Interior design major Carolyn Nason answers questions about Seattle rain, food on campus, and what to do outside of class.
Chris Randolph
Chris Randolph came to SPU not knowing what a decathlon was, but later broke SPU’s decathlon record — twice!
Artful Advocacy
Artful Advocacy
Read how a community art project helps students examine their perception of AIDS.
Funky Fremont
Funky Fremont
Just a seven minute walk from campus, Fremont boasts funky statues and artwork, boutiques, and tons of places to eat.
Rachel Ellis
My World: Rachel Ellis
The Singing Barista
Philip Jacobs
My World: Philip Jacobs
The Classy Rapper
Bryan Jones
My 2 Cents’ Worth: Bryan Jones
Admissions Counselor Bryan Jones invites you to visit SPU.