Note: If you didn’t put it together: Dick’s + Cinderella = Dickerella’s. Photos by Luke Rutan.
Unofficial Orientation
Part tradition, part ice-breaker, part first date, Dickerella’s is a crash course in the university social life.
They say “the clothes don’t make the man” — in this case, it’s the woman and her shoes. On their first night as residents in Hill Residence Hall, freshman girls are invited to gather in the lounge and asked to take off one shoe and throw it into the middle of the room. Then the freshman guys are let into the room and asked to pick a shoe, although they have no idea why. Once they have found their “match,” they’ve also found their date for the night. The well-worn couples are then shuttled to Dick’s, a local late-night burger joint, for bonding, milkshakes, and fries.
“It’s a big event, and sets the tone for the year ahead,” says Shawn Whitney, Hill Hall's former residence life coordinator. “It’s part of the freshman experience — meeting new people and being a little bit out of your comfort zone. But there’s nothing better for hall bonding!”
In case you were wondering, despite rampant rumors of students marrying their Dickerella’s dates, no such couple could be confirmed. But stranger things have happened, and there’s always next year…
By Matthew Allen
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