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Around the Corner and Across the Bridge: Fremont
Ah, Fremont:

A funky little hamlet full of techies, artists, and statues that exists across the canal from Seattle Pacific University.


If you could swim across (please, don’t), it would only take two minutes to arrive. But, the walk is quite pleasant just as it is — alongside the water, then over a blue drawbridge (about 10 minutes).


Once you enter the land of Fremont, it’s easy to happily wander. To the right, you’ll see the famous statue “Waiting for the Interurban.” Most likely, this little stone family will be sporting colorful duds and holding a birthday sign. You can also find an 18-foot troll loitering under the Aurora Bridge, or a man hugging a gigantic red bird on a mural.

Amongst all this public art, you’ll see lofty office buildings for Adobe, Getty Images, and Google. If you’re hungry, there’s a plethora of places to feast — from sushi to Thai food. Foodies on a budget will go crazy for places like Baguette Box (gourmet sandwiches), or Paseo (Caribbean goodness). As you wander farther, you may stumble upon Theo Chocolates, the only fair trade, organic, chocolate factory in the United States. Dozens of samples are on display. So, go ahead and try that chai tea chocolate before you buy a bar.

Sunday offers another Fremont perk: The Fremont Sunday Market. This is a great place to grab a crepe, buy produce, or peruse through vintage T-shirts. Basically, Fremont never allows boredom. So you’ll probably find yourself meandering north often.

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By Julia Siemens, Photos By Nick Onken
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