Belinda Aldrett
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For each issue, we pluck an unsuspecting student from campus and ask him or her to give you honest answers to your questions about Seattle Pacific University, going to college, and living in Seattle.
Meet SPU Expert: Belinda Aldrett
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Year: Junior
Major: Premed and English.
Campus Involvement: President of Mosaic, a group of students from diverse backgrounds working to establish cross-cultural bridges at SPU.
Hobbies: Reading and writing fiction, singing.
How diverse is your school, and what is it like to be a minority at SPU? Naomi Jeeter, Charlotte, NC
When I first came to SPU, I was in culture shock. Only 12 percent of the students were minorities. Now the number is 16 percent, because things are changing. But that’s still a lot less than I am used to as someone who comes from a predominantly Hispanic community. Fortunately, I joined on-campus programs and clubs for minority students that help make the transition smooth. Finding students and faculty that support me when I feel frustrated by cultural differences has been immensely helpful. I’ve built new connections and relationships here that have changed my perspective on the world. Growing up in a Hispanic community, I probably never would have formed a friendship with a Caucasian. I’m pretty sure a Caucasian student who grows up in a mostly white environment would feel the same way. SPU gives students an opportunity to get to know and better understand people from different cultures.
What is the school spirit for sports like at SPU, for athletes and non-athletes alike? Daniel Becker, Saline, MI
We’re enthusiastic about our athletes! The gym fills up for both men’s and women’s basketball games. We have a group of girls similar to cheerleaders called Spirit Squad that pumps up the fans during basketball games, and a group of men from 6th Ashton who dress in orange jumpsuits for every home game. Even the bleachers for soccer games tend to overflow with fans. This year especially was an amazing one for the women’s soccer team — they made it to the national Final Four!
What is your favorite thing about SPU being located in Seattle?
Adam Bossert, Mukilteo, WA
It’s right in the middle of everything. The Queen Anne, Fremont, and Ballard neighborhoods are less than a mile away and are exploding with culture and fine eateries. There are so many boutiques, cafés, and ethnic restaurants to explore. The Space Needle, Science Center, and the downtown shopping area are only a few miles away from campus. There are so many different things to do around Seattle that you’ll never get bored!
How has your experience at SPU strengthened your knowledge and love for Christ? Ellie Schrader, Akron, OH
I grew up attending Christian schools and then attended a more secular high school, leading me to question my beliefs. Once I came to SPU, I felt like I rediscovered Jesus Christ. Taking classes like University Foundations 2000 has been a breath of fresh air for me. And learning about facts and details of the Old Testament restored hope to my life.
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What makes SPU different or better from the rest? Hasting Butler, Stone Mountain, GA
SPU has a great sense of community building, strives for diversity, and has an amazing Christian environment. I was also impressed with SPU’s 14:1 student-teacher ratio, national rankings, and the outstanding premed program.
What was your favorite class at SPU? Reilly Noble, Bend, OR
“Anatomy and Physiology” with Professor Moore was fun, and I could recognize how this class can be incorporated into my future career as a pediatrician. It was Professor Moore’s last time teaching the class before retirement. He is a legend here, known for engaging students with his adventurous life stories.
What do you think of the English program at SPU? Vayola Vilma, Boston, MA
It’s excellent. The English professors are genuinely helpful; they’re willing to go out of their way to help you succeed; and they make the courses interesting.
What is your favorite time of year at SPU? Jason Clapp, Bend, OR
Spring Quarter! As the weather warms up, students bust out shorts, skirts, tank tops, and stunner shades. The students are more gregarious, noisy, and energetic than in the winter months. There are always a handful of students playing Frisbee or having water balloon fights out in the sun. I would even go as far as to say that the warmer environment at SPU reminds me of home in Los Angeles.
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