Margaret Landfair
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For each issue, we pluck an unsuspecting student from campus and ask him or her to give you honest answers to your questions about Seattle Pacific University, going to college, and living in Seattle.
Meet SPU Expert: Margaret Landfair
Hometown: Ventura, CA
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Residence Hall: When I transferred to SPU as a sophomore, I lived in Emerson Hall, and now I am a peer advisor in the Wesley Apartments.
Hobbies: Sculpting, painting, and drawing — anything creative really! Also, I have been an internationally competitive Irish dancer for almost 10 years.
What were SPU's biggest selling points for you? Alex, Friday Harbor, WA
Visiting campus was what really sold me. I stayed in a residence hall and was blown away by how nice everyone was. All I could think was, “This is where I want to be!” I felt like SPU was the perfect fit for me from the moment I stepped on campus. Ultimately, I chose SPU because of the small classes, the great location, and the people who work and study here. But if you haven't come to campus, you should!
What sets SPU apart from other colleges and universities? Drake, Portland, OR
I'd say the foundation in Christ and the strong bond of the campus. SPU provides a really solid support system and there truly is a sense of community across campus. I believe that students and staff are committed to caring for the world and the people in it. There is limitless opportunity to grow and serve at this university.
I am from the country and have not lived in a large city. Is the adjustment hard? Danille, Richland, WA
A little, at first, but mostly I have loved it! I like to call Seattle a “little, big city” because at first it seems confusing and huge, but after a few months you begin to realize it is not that big after all. There is so much opportunity and fun to be had in Seattle, and I know I've really grown from reaching outside of my comfort zone. But it is great to return to SPU and know you have a place in this city!
How has your life changed at SPU? Mike, San Luis Obispo, CA
Life at SPU has transformed me into a much more content and joyful person. I have encountered God in new and exciting ways. I've become more confident in myself, and matured in relationships with peers and professors. There is so much room to grow and thrive on this campus, and although it may not be the perfect fit for everyone, it was certainly the perfect fit for me!
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How was the transition as a transfer student? Kate, Nashville, TN
I didn't have any trouble at all. When I had questions or concerns, I talked to my academic counselor or my faculty advisors. I felt like the students were very welcoming. I recommend living in the residence halls. This allowed me to develop strong friendships from the very start. Compared to the community college I came from, SPU was like going to Disneyland!
Do you feel like your SPU education prepares you for the real world? Rachel, Andover, MN
SPU is very challenging academically. The professors at SPU are at the top of their disciplines, and as a result I've never worked harder. Graduates from SPU go on to be very successful in life and have a great reputation in the Seattle community. It has been exciting to be a student here and be trained and encouraged in your area of interest. I have had to study very hard, but I feel confident that I will be ready for the real world when I graduate.
What kind of jobs are available on campus? Joy, Selah, WA
There are jobs in almost every department on campus. There are two different coffee shops on campus that hire baristas. You can also work in the student store, at the library, in any of the academic offices, in the Admissions Office, or even in the gym at Royal Brougham Pavilion. A great place to look for openings is on the website. Every kind of job you can imagine is listed there!
I've heard students feel nurtured in their faith at SPU, but are you also challenged? Jennifer, Manhattan Beach, CA
Absolutely. Of course, your experience will be what you make it, but honestly, I feel like you can't help but grow while you are here. College has been a chance to make my faith my own. I know it sounds cliché, but it's true! My professors are willing mentors who I know I can go to with questions or frustrations. I think the roots you plant in college can shape your faith for the rest of your life, and that is why I feel so lucky to spend my college years at SPU.
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