My World: Cory Deppe

Cory Deppe’s not afraid to sleep in tulip fields, invite the homeless over for dinner, or pool all his resources with his housemates. “He takes the ‘road less traveled,’” says Professor of Geography Kathleen Braden. That road led him to help Braden design the new Global Development major, and he’ll be one of its first graduates this spring. “As Christians we are transformed and empowered to live for the well-being of others,” he says. “We are all equal participants in God’s abundant world.”

Cory's thoughts on studying abroad: “For my first six months studying abroad in Eastern Europe, I felt so ignorant or lost at times, or didn’t have a place to sleep. Yet people just reached out. They cared for the traveler who didn’t know the language. That’s God’s hands. Coming back to this country, I now have a chance to offer hospitality to strangers.”

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