My World: Naomi Fosket

2008 Olympic GamesHow could freshman Naomi Fosket say no? Not only will she be at this summer’s 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, but she also gets to do what she loves best: make music.


You might see her on TV — with all 2,008 Millennium Marching Band members from around the globe.

At Seattle Pacific University, she spends 12–15 hours per week practicing — between Wind Symphony, Jazz Band, and private lessons. She’s dedicated, but never expected this Olympic-sized opportunity. “It’s crazy,” Naomi says. “I can’t believe it.”


Preparing for China: Naomi’s Journal



In about two weeks, I am departing for Beijing — and it’s approaching fast! Now that things are winding down, I really need to start getting prepared.


This past week, there was another rehearsal at the University of Washington with those going from the area. In another two weeks, I will be at a three-day rehearsal before departing. It is during this pre-camp that we will also be marching in the Seattle Torchlight Parade. In preparation for the whole event, I have to get a lot done. I need to memorize about six songs in the next two weeks; get three uniforms; and take care of all of the passport/visa paperwork.


Although, I will be extremely busy getting ready, I am still really looking forward to every aspect of this trip. I get to meet all kinds of people from all over the world, experience a completely different culture, and — it’s the Olympics! In addition to all of this excitement, I have just recently found out that this Olympic Orchestra will be performing in Tiananmen Square. We will be the first non-professional group allowed to perform here! It’s going to be a widely televised event and is truly revolutionary for China.


I am so thrilled about this opportunity and can’t wait to tell you more about it!



So it’s 52 days and counting until I depart for China. Things are really starting to come together. I was able to raise all the funds I need in order to go, and that is such a blessing! Since there is such a short time until I leave, I have been memorizing A LOT of music, trying to learn a little Chinese, and also figuring out all of the travel arrangements I need to make.


There are about 200 students from the Seattle area going to Beijing with me, so we have had two rehearsals together and will have one more in a couple of weeks. We are all responsible for ourselves as far as having music memorized and such. Before we leave for China, there will be a three-day pre-rehearsal and we will be marching through the torchlight parade in Seattle.


As plans and itinerary’s are being finalized, I keep getting more and more excited about this trip. I have recently found out what the uniforms are going to look like and that I get to go to an Olympic soccer game while I’m there, so I am pretty stoked. Things are falling together so well, and I feel so blessed to get this opportunity.

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