B.J. Higa
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My World: B.J. Higa Now

B.J. was first featured in the Spring 2007 edition of etc. Here's what he's up to now. Look below for the original interview.


After graduating in 2008, B.J. Higa has had java on the brain. He hopes to start his own coffee shop, because, according to him, “I don’t think that Seattle has enough.”


Despite the escape from massive loads of school work, Higa recognizes how valuable his time at SPU was. “Life is now a lot quieter and less busy… it’s a nice change, but sometimes I miss being pulled in ten different directions at once.”



B.J. Higa: Then

As a peer advisor in Emerson Hall and a student manager in Gwinn Commons, he is exploring his passion for people. In the classroom, he’s studying communications and business, discovering an entrepreneurial spirit. Meet Junior B.J. Higa.

He loves John Mayer, hanging out at Pike Place Market with a good cup of coffee, watching movies (his collection tops 500), and making his own. B.J. says the best part of his SPU experience is the people: “SPU is rich with amazing people.”

View the BJ Higa Photography Gallery.

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