My World: Tim Neill Now

Tim was first featured in the Winter 2007 edition of etc. Here's what he's up to now. Look below for the original interview.


Tim Neill is still living it up at SPU. As a senior biology major, Tim finds his life very routine and relaxed. "I know what I'm doing ... and I'm learning life skills." With grad school in his future, Neill hopes to someday become a professor and teach about ecology.


As a peer advisor his junior year, Neill wasn't able to set off his famed pranks, but still supported those on his floor in Hill Hall who pulled them off. "I applauded their creativity from the sideline."




Tim Neill: Then

Last spring, he and his roommate drove to San Francisco and back in 44 hours. And who can forget the prank war with the girls of 5th Hill? He also ended his freshman year with a 4.0 GPA. Meet Tim Neill.

This biology major is trying to make the most of his full-tuition scholarship, balance classes, working as a student senator, opportunities for service, and of course, the occasional prank. In December, he traveled to the Galapagos Islands to study marine biology and, knowing Tim, fun was not in short supply.

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