Queen Anne Street Sign
Photos by Nick Onken.
Queen of the Hill
SPU's Backyard: Upper Queen Anne
When you picture Seattle, if you imagine the Space Needle set against a backdrop of downtown skyscrapers and Mount Rainier looming in the horizon — or if you’ve ever watched Grey’s Anatomy — then you’ve seen the city from one of its most famous vantage points: the top of Queen Anne Hill. Queen Anne is one of the city’s oldest and most popular neighborhoods, due in large part to a tall dose of charming and its proximity, less than a mile from downtown. Not to mention that it is the home of Seattle Pacific University and the more than 3,800 SPU students. Whether they are eating, studying, shopping, reading, dating, running, or just drinking coffee, SPU students can always be found enjoying Queen Anne.
The SPU students have spoken! And the Upper Queen Anne favorites go to …
Caffé Ladro
“Ladro is one of my favorites. I don’t know if it is the organic, fair-trade coffee or the laid-back atmosphere, but it’s a great place to hang out, and I always get a lot of work done there!” — Klarrisa Frank, Sophomore
Trader Joe’s
It would be an insult to call Trader Joe’s simply a grocery store, because it’s an experience. They’ve got the basics covered, but they also have tons of organic everything, exotic and unusual products, beautiful flowers, and on top of all that, they’re cheap. Oh, and the employees wear Hawaiian shirts. Can’t argue with Hawaiian shirts, now can you?
Elliott Bay Pizza Company
“The best place on Upper Queen Anne is Elliott Bay Pizza Company, but not for the pizza — for the sandwiches! They have an enormous gourmet variety, and you’ll always leave satisfied.” — Brandon Roth, Sophomore
Gorditos Healthy Mexican Food
It may be hard to consider dinner at Gorditos healthy, considering the burritos are the size of a small baby — no joke — but the food is good, cheap, and the portions ridiculously large. Not to mention the homemade salsa, served heated, which is unforgettable. Don’t walk — run to Gorditos!
Thai Kitchen
“An abundance of Thai food is one of Seattle’s greatest attributes, and the Thai Kitchen is the best! The Pad Thai is my favorite, and it is located in this quirky little renovated bungalow. I highly recommend it.” — Taylor Morris, Sophomore
The 5 Spot
With kitschy décor, this Americana-inspired diner serves up down-home favorites with an uptown spin. The menu changes weekly, but you can always count on a full-fledged breakfast (served all day long) that will keep you full until dinner.
The Tea Cup
“The Tea Cup is a little tea shop that has big comfy chairs and so much tea you feel like you’ve died and gone to tea heaven.” — Chelsea Nazarian, Junior
Kerry Park
Queen Anne wouldn’t be Queen Anne without Kerry Park. The views of the city and Puget Sound are unmatched. Word on the street is it’s a great place for a morning run, and the most romantic spot in the city. That’s right, you heard it here first!
Macrina Bakery & Cafe
“An adorable coffee shop and bakery that looks like it is straight out of old Europe. I go there with my friends every Sunday before church, and I always order a biscuit and a Mexican Mocha. Their stuff is truly to die for.” — Holly Doran, Junior
El Diablo
This café was the hands-down favorite in our not-so-scientific poll. Decorated on two floors with artsy flair, El Diablo’s customers are a loyal, fun-loving group. In addition to killer coffee, El Diablo often holds small concerts, displays local art, and is attached to a bookstore, Queen Anne Books — what more can you ask for?
By Matthew Allen
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