SPU Seniors Taylor Hanson, Drew Kreeger, Hank Kramer, and Chris Erley
SPU Seniors (from left) Taylor Hanson, Drew Kreeger, Hank Kramer, and Chris Erley discuss the particulars of living in Ballard - and loving it. Photos by Nick Onken and Luke Rutan.
We Make Our Home in Ballard
Just five minutes from campus, Ballard is frequented by SPUers looking to see a movie, eat a cupcake, drink some coffee, or have a bonfire. Sandwiched between the Puget Sound and the Lake Washington Ship Canal, Ballard began as a Scandinavian fishing village. And although much of its identity remains tied up in the fishing and boating industries, Ballard has grown into an eclectic and bustling urban neighborhood with a happening nightlife and tons of locally owned coffee shops and cafés perfect for just hanging out. But don’t take our word for it. etc sits down with seniors Drew Kreeger and Chris Erley, SPU students who feel passionately about life in Ballard:
etc: What do you love so much about Ballard anyway?
Chris: In a word: EVERYTHING. I guess what it comes down to is that Ballard is one, complete, self-sustaining community. You never have to leave Ballard. Ballard has actually tried to secede from the city on several occasions.
Drew: It’s the people. The people of Ballard are the type who will always prefer to walk rather than drive, who keep roosters in the backyard, and Chris wasn’t kidding, they post “Free Ballard” bumper stickers on their bio-diesel Volvos.
etc: So what do you guys do in Ballard?
Drew: We spend a lot of time telling each other how cool we are for living here, but when that gets old, we frequent the Sonic Boom record store, Cupcake Royale, and the Majestic Bay movie theater in downtown Ballard.
Chris: Not to mention, Ballard is also full of locations for great dates, from Golden Gardens beach, to overlooks of the Sound, to the local Fred Meyer, you just can’t go wrong.
etc: Wow, you guys REALLY love Ballard. Any pet names?
Chris: I like to call it “the land flowing with milk and honey.”
etc: And biblical to boot! Do you go to church in Ballard?
Drew: We go to Quest Church, which is in Interbay, about four minutes from our house. It’s a great church, but Mars Hill is another great church in Ballard where a lot of our friends go.
etc: How would you explain Ballard to someone who’d never been there before?
Drew: I’d ask them to remember a time they scraped their knee as a child, and their mother embraced them tightly, kissed the scrape, and told them that everything would be OK — I have many of the same feelings whenever I cross the Ballard Bridge headed for home.
Chris: Ballard is impossible to explain in mere words. It is the kind of place that needs to be experienced firsthand to really understand its majesty. I say, just come and visit, experience the glory.
By Lindsey Bickel Burgess
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