Diversity Action Planning

Our institutional commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion requires broad participation across campus. The Departmental Readiness Evaluation (DRE) and Diversity Action Plan (DAP) are two parallel processes designed to encourage department-level planning and coordination needed to support SPU's universitywide diversity goals. In 2018, we set a goal for each department to establish a diversity plan with an emphasis on concrete actions to advance these goal. 

A diversity action plan (DAP) is a set of specific action steps that will be implemented by a department to contribute to one or more of SPU’s universitywide diversity goals. The action plan is a critical first step in bringing the work of diversity to the core of institutional functions, ensuring that it informs everything we do. 

DAP Frequently Asked Questions

Review the DAP Department Guide.

Access the DAP printable template and online submission form.

Faculty Senate approved an administrative mandate to implement the Faculty Diversity Committee’s proposed Departmental Readiness Evaluation (DRE) for Recruitment and Retention of Faculty of Color “through a collaborative effort of the committee, Office of Inclusive Excellence, and Deans’ Cabinet” beginning in Autumn Quarter 2018.

From the beginning, though objectives of the DRE are clearly linked to tangible outcomes in more diverse hiring, the underlying purpose of the DRE has always been formative — we want the process to facilitate a cultural shift in how we talk about and understand diversity, equity, and inclusion as a faculty community. 

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