Diversity Resource Guide

This resource list is not intended to be exhaustive or comprehensive, but simply as a basis for ongoing reflection and growth. The resources were selected on the following criteria:

  • Accessible - User-friendly articles, toolkits, and guides
  • Applicable - Relevant to higher education professionals and stakeholders
  • Actionable - Focus on practical application, not theory
  • Issuing Statements on Social Issues. This resource offers guidance and reflection questions to help SPU departments communicate thoughtfully and respectfully on social issues.
  • SPU Student Voices (a video project of the Reconciliation Initiative Task Force). Want to better understand SPU students’ experiences around race, ethnicity, and bias in the classroom? In 2016, 10 undergraduate students shared their experiences regarding diversity at SPU in recorded videos. The interviews were consolidated into three thematic videos (curriculum, faculty attitude; curriculum issues; classroom environment) that can be used to generate reflection and discussion.
    • Questions for Reflection and Discussion: As you listen to students’ stories, what resonates most? What questions come up for you? Are there moments that make you uncomfortable? How might you use these insights to make small shifts in your classroom?
    • Note: Student interviewees granted permission for the videos to be used for campus training purposes only. Please email vpoie@spu.edu to obtain and submit a Student Interview Video Agreement to gain access to the videos.
  • CUE’s Racial Equity Tools (University of Southern California Center for Urban Education, 2020). Website. Tools organized into four phases that prompt university faculty, staff, and leaders toward “reflection on the racialized characteristics of everyday practices, setting the foundation for change.”
  • The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities offers a full set of resources on their website organized by topic (i.e., anti-racism resources, faculty instruction, equity & equity-mindedness).
  • EAB's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Resource Center: a curated guide for conversations on campus and institutional change.
  • The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) Knowledge Center offers a set of key questions and toolkit to help boards and institutions develop a common understanding of justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion (JDE&I) issues, assess institutional needs, and prioritize and pursue campus-wide goals.
  • The American Council on Education (ACE) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community of Practice (DEI CoP) deevloped a set of resources to help institutions keep DEI considerations front and center during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the website to learn more.

Find definitions of commonly-used terms and phrases associated with the work of diversity and reconciliation here

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