Spring 2019 Diversity Seed Grant Recipients

We are excited to announce the Spring 2019 Diversity Seed Grant recipients! We are grateful for the for the thoughtful and innovative ways these areas across campus are engaging the work of organizational diversity:

Department of Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics (LCL) 
Proposed Project Title: Using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) to Foster Diversity and Reconciliation Competencies

Grant funding will be used for the administration and follow-up interpretation of IDI results with LCL faculty. The IDI will be used as a diagnostic to determine additional professional development needs as the Department of Languages, Culture, and Linguistics prepares to more intentionally engage conversations around recruiting, hiring, and retaining diverse faculty to support the needs of all students. Results of the IDI will be used to inform individual professional development plans and department-wide training and faculty development.

Faculty Diversity Committee (FDC)
Proposed Project Title: Departmental Readiness Evaluation (DRE) Consulting and Coaching

Grant funding will provide honoraria for 3-4 faculty mentors to provide training and coaching support for departments and schools as they complete the Departmental Readiness Evaluation (DRE). Mentors will be available to consult with Deans, department chairs, or task forces to ensure substantive engagement, deep reflection, and broad faculty participation in the DRE process. The expected outcome is a more timely and efficient process of DRE submission, review, and approval with more consistent quality and clarity.

School of Education (SOE)
Proposed Project Title: Access and Equity Advisory Board

Grant funding will be used to support the development and convening of a SOE advisory board comprised of community stakeholders who will serve as partners to faculty and staff. Board members will make recommendations regarding program coursework and strategies for increasing the recruitment and retention of teacher candidates of color. The goal is to continually shape and improve SOE programs to advance systemic equity and to ensure that the curriculum is responsive to and representative of the communities served by SPU teacher candidates.

Student Academic Services (SAS)
Proposed Project Title: SAS Diversity Action Plan

Grant funding will be used to support SAS staff participation in a "Foundations of Cultural Competence" workshop offered through Cultures Connecting. Key takeaways from the training will inform the development of a Diversity and Equity Committee comprised of staff across all the three areas of SAS – records and registration, technology, and academic counselors – who are committed to leading the ongoing work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Training made available through the seed grant will help SAS staff grow their capacity to view their work through an equity lens and form essential points of access for all students.

Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2019