Spring 2021 and Autumn 2021 Diversity Seed Grant Recipients

We are excited to announce the Spring 2021 and Autumn 2021 Diversity Seed Grant recipients! We are grateful for the thoughtful and innovative ways that the following departments are engaging the work of organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion: 

Center for Learning (Spring 2021)
Grant funding will be used to establish a rubric of best practices for CFL content and curricula in print and electronic formats to ensure that current and future materials and websites reflect inclusivity, equity, and accessibility. Consultants will be hired to review current websites, train staff on best inclusive practices, and provide written rubrics for continual improvement.  

School of Psychology, Family, and Community (Spring 2021)
Grant funding will be used to hire an outside speaker to conduct racial microaggression training for the SPFC community. The expected outcomes for students and faculty include the ability to better a) recognize what constitutes as microaggressions and the situations that could foster such actions; b) understand the intersectionality between how microaggressions interact across multiple identities to affect an individual; and c) appreciate the history and temporal precedence as to why microaggressions are harmful at an individual and systems level. By educating members of the SPFC community regarding these domains, the knowledge will be integrated to accurately assessing areas of growth in SPFC as related to microaggressions and related constructs.

School of Business, Government, and Economics (Autumn 2021)
Grant funding will be used to hire a consultant/facilitator to host a hands-on workshop that practices holding difficult conversations. The expected outcome of this workshop will be to have faculty equipped to have and moderate difficult conversations, ultimately helping them to feel more confident and willing to include topics related to racial, gender, and economic inequalities in their curriculum.  

Office of Global Engagement (Autumn 2021)
Grant funding will be used to support international students in becoming a part of the community and develop a sense of belonging, while also supporting domestic students in understanding cultures. The goal is for all students to better understand and accept various cultures. This will be done by hosting at least three events during the 2021-22 academic year, bringing international and domestic students together. 

Department of Clinical Psychology (Autumn 2021)
Grant funding will be used to support the initial development of the Psychometrics section of ReCentering Psych Stats, an Open Education Resource (OER) that recenters graduate training in statistics in a socially and culturally responsive way. A Graduate Research Assistant (recipient of the funding) will participate by editing chapters and co-interviewing the author(s) of the research vignettes that are used. Once the essential foundations of the OER are in place, the graduate assistant will be invited to author or co-author chapters on specialized statistics. These can doubly serve as portfolio pieces for their future career.

Department of History (Autumn 2021) 
Grant funding will be used to 1) complete the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) as a department and debrief the results with a trained professional; 2) use learning from the IDI results to craft departmental protocols that foster greater equity and inclusion; and 3) use the IDI as a tool to complete the History Departments Departmental Readiness Evaluation and articulate 1-year, 2-year, and 5-year goals for the History Department’s growth and development in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To see past seed grant recipients, click here (SPU credentials required). 

Posted: Wednesday, June 02, 2021