How to Report Sex Discrimination and Other Sexual Misconduct

Reporting to Title IX Coordinator

Reports alleging sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, or other sexual misconduct on Seattle Pacific University’s campus, by an SPU student or employee, or in SPU’s programs or activities should be made to the University’s Title IX Coordinator:

Ms. Trista Truemper
Title IX/Section 504 Coordinator
Demaray Hall, Room 253
3307 3rd Ave W, Suite 104
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: 206-281-2538

Reports can be made at any time and by any person, including students, employees, visitors, and contractors. Reports may be made for events occurring off-campus as well as on-campus. The response by the University and the options available to the person making the report will vary depending on circumstances, as further described in the applicable University policies and procedures. 

Reporting Expectations

SPU employees, volunteers, and student leaders are subject to specific expectations regarding the reporting of crimes and sexual misconduct, as described on the Reporting Expectations for Employees, Volunteers, and Student Leaders webpage in the Employee Handbook.  

All students are encouraged to participate in helping the University be free from sexual misconduct. If you are a student and another student tells you that he or she was the victim of sexual misconduct while at the University, you should strongly encourage the victim to speak with one of the Sexual Misconduct Report Receivers (listed below) or consider personally reporting the incident to a sexual misconduct report receiver if the victim is reluctant to do so.  

All members of the SPU community are encouraged to report instances of possible sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other sexual misconduct as soon as possible. 

Sexual Misconduct Report Receivers

If students or employees would prefer to start by speaking with someone in the Office of Human Resources, Office of Safety and Security, or Office of Residence Life, any of the following individuals listed below (referred to as “sexual misconduct report receivers”) could assist with making a report to the Title IX Coordinator:

Sexual misconduct report receivers receive training on SPU policies and procedures related to sexual misconduct. Please note that sexual misconduct report receivers are obligated to refer reports of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator.  

Confidential Options

Reports may also be made by using the SPU Online Reporting Form, which allows for anonymous reporting. Reports received via the SPU Online Reporting Form will be directed to the Title IX Coordinator and the Office of Safety and Security.

Pursuant to federal law and University policy, all University employees other than pastoral counselors, professional counselors, Health Center staff, and student employees are required to report information disclosed to them about sexual misconduct to University administrators. Sexual misconduct report receivers and the Title IX Coordinator seek to protect the privacy of victims but cannot guarantee complete confidentiality. If you would like to learn about confidential resources on and off campus, you can ask a sexual misconduct report receiver or the Title IX Coordinator but do not share specific information about any incident you wish to keep private. Students may also go to the Student Counseling Center to speak with a counselor confidentially.

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