Summer/Autumn 2019 Diversity Seed Grant Recipients

We are excited to announce the Summer/Autumn 2019 Diversity Seed Grant recipients! We are grateful for the for the thoughtful and innovative ways these areas across campus are engaging the work of organizational diversity:

Student Financial Services and Enrollment Operations (SFS and EOPS)
Proposed Project Title: SFS & EOPS Diversity Action Plan

Grant funding will support the SFS and EOPS participation in a Dr. Anu Consulting: Dialogues for Justice workshop about equitable dialogue across diverse experiences, identities, and power structures. Their objective is to build shared knowledge and experience around topics of diversity and equity, upon which the departments will create an onboarding program for new hires, a best practices document for their work, and quarterly conversations about issues of diversity. This will be supported and sustained by the recently formed SFS and EOPS diversity committee.

Undergraduate Admissions (UGA)
Proposed project title: UGA Training

Grant funding will support UGA’s participation in the Cultural Connections training, “Foundations of Cultural Competence.” This training will develop individual competencies and build a shared framework and understanding around the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. UGA will follow the training with the development of individual action plans, common goals, and a team mission statement for the equity work of their department. Particularly, UGA will develop a system of support to address microaggressions within the department.

Posted: Monday, April 01, 2019