LGBTQ Students

Seattle Pacific University is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion for our undergraduate and graduate students, welcoming and supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students in all academic pursuits, faith practices, and life together in community.

SPU is a Christian university affiliated with the Free Methodist Church. Our Board of Trustees continues to align institutional policies related to employment of faculty and staff with the FMC’s traditional beliefs regarding human sexuality. At the same time, students will find a diversity of perspectives and convictions about these matters within our ecumenical campus community.

As gender identity and sexual orientation are a vital part of many of our students’ identities, we strive to have your voices involved in and informing our conversations so that we may live in community with respect and support.

Affirming the value of all

SPU affirms the dignity of our students, who are all made in the image of God and recipients of Christ’s grace. We strive for a healthy and growing community that welcomes and values our LGBTQ students.

Support for LGBTQ students at SPU

Creating a safe, respectful place

We are committed to respectful and compassionate listening, particularly for our students who have experienced fear, pain, or rejection around sexuality or gender identity. Our desire is that all students who join our community find this to be a place of safety, respect, and love.

SPU does not condone nor tolerate acts of hate or violence directed toward LGBTQ people. Any student who experiences such an act is strongly encouraged to report the incident.

  • Anti-bias policy: Bias-related incidents include any physical, spoken, visual, or written acts of abuse, harassment, intimidation, or vulgarity toward another person because of actual or perceived defining characteristics, whether intentional or unintentional. The University seeks to support individuals who have experienced bias-related incidents, educate the campus community about the harmful effects of bias, and hold individuals accountable for violations of University policy.
  • Reporting bias incidents: SPU takes any reports of bias very seriously. Students can safely report bias-related incidents that they experience or witness.

Committing to engagement

At Seattle Pacific, we pledge ourselves, with humility and conviction, to live in loving relationship with Jesus Christ and in faithful service to others. We believe this to be the defining center and the guiding aspiration of our life in community.

With this in mind, SPU seeks to be a place where LGBTQ students are treated with dignity and respect. While we recognize the complexity of ongoing issues related to LGBTQ gender identity and sexual orientation, SPU desires to engage these conversations with humility and care.