Engaging Homelessness

SPU hosts Tent City

At Seattle Pacific University, we’re assisting, supporting, and enhancing work to end homelessness in King County and beyond. Discover how you can help.


Addressing homelessness

On this site, you will be invited to participate in ways — both curricular and co-curricular — to get involved around the issue of homelessness.

We invite students, faculty, staff from SPU and other universities, as well as community members, to join us in this effort to reduce homelessness. This includes:

  • Providing this growing website with ideas and learning activities around engaging homelessness
  • Creating academic opportunities such as break-out sessions at the annual Day of Common Learning
  • Organizing symposiums on Seattle homelessness
  • Ongoing Tent City 3 involvement

You will also discover how you can advocate on the local and state level, where you can volunteer, and how to host an encampment.

“So, I’m at the bottom, I can’t do nothing but go up. And I know I can’t do it by myself. I need caring people to support me.”
Single father
SPU Campus

About SPU

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Setting up Tent City 3

Hosting a Homeless Encampment Changed Our University

An op-ed by sociology professors Karen Snedker and Jennifer McKinney in the Chronicle of Higher Education looks at the homelessness issue in Seattle, how sanctioned tent cities work, and the impact of Tent City 3, a self-managed homeless community that moved onto campus for a temporary stay.